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Hailing from Dublin, Ireland and now living in London. Rachel’s sound could be described as ‘hauntingly melancholic with a raw edge ‘ 


Her background in classical training has served her well as she sets out on a musical quest to ditch the big productions and get back down to the nitty gritty, stripping it all back.


Having toured extensively around Asia and Europe, she came back to London to work with various producers as a featured artist and top liner. Despite having had success with the likes of Sony music (top ten track in Ireland), Spinnin’ Deep, Sweat it Out Records, Rachel has pared it all back down and started writing on the piano again.  


Her new single, I Will Follow, evokes strong emotions and inspires reflection. Encompassing that rare magical quality that transports us to a strangely familiar yet unknown memory in our mind. Rachel's compelling husky voice - soft yet sturdy with a subtle Irish twang - leaves us hankering for more. 


I Will Follow is a love song that documents the most important relationship we ever have - the relationship with ourself. The inspiration came when Rachel was searching for something deeper in her own life:


"I had a realisation that I was getting in my own way - continually looking for approval outside of myself, and it just wasn't working for me anymore."


"It's incredibly empowering knowing that whatever we do, or wherever we go, there’ll always be someone who's supporting and guiding us. In my case, I was learning to listen to myself and trust my instincts."


"Keeping it honest and straightforward was really important for me to get the power of the message across. I felt drawn to the piano as soon as the chorus idea came into my head. It's that feeling of aloneness that encapsulates a certain richness alongside a deep inner knowing that we're all on the same road together."



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